Leadership, Culture, and Change

PotentialLife leadership Development Program

We at Serendipity & Co are proud to have partnered with PotentialLife in bringing this cutting edge leadership development program to organizations in Thailand. Potentialife was founded in 2011 by Harvard University’s Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar McKinsey & Company’s former EMEA Head of Strategy, Angus Ridway.

Our aim is to help organizations optimize their leadership strategies through streamlining their day-to-day peak-performance behaviors. By bringing together the science of ‘peak performance’, a behavioral nudging system, and a scalable technology platform, the multi-month Potentialife solution is revolutionizing Leadership Development. Our platform is designed with leader first and remote first experience in mind.

Program participants practice and ritualize new peak-performance behavior sets within their daily work and non-work context, and when deployed at scale, teams and organizations have a unique opportunity to strengthen their culture to confront the challenges of a hyper accelerated world.

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Change Management

One of the key failures of new human capital management (HCM) implementation is not the solution but rather the adoption of the new systems.

With our certified change management specialist, we can assist you during your new HCM project implementation to minimize resistance, maximize adoption and therefore increase chance of success.

Organizational Culture - Change Your Culture to Improve Your Performance.

We partner with Denison Consulting to bring the world-renown Denison Organizational Survey to Thailand.  Using the Denison Organizational Cultural Survey, we are able to pinpoint effective actions and behaviors that leaders are doing well and shed light on actions and behaviors that leaders must take to transform the organization.  We have honest conversations with the leadership team on four key aspects of culture which enable high performing organization. a) Mission: Do we know where are we going? b) Adaptability: Are we listening to the marketplace? c) Involvement: Are our people aligned and engaged? d) Consistency: Does our system create leverage?

HCM Technology & Analytics

Our specialized HR consultants enable you to realize the value of your investment in HCM technology by ensuring that your HCM deliver awesome employee experience and maximize employee productivity

Talent Assessment

Want to recruit the right talent? Are you looking for tools to help you build a pool of top talent in your organization to support business growth?

Let us assist you in developing assessment tools that you can evaluate talent based on quantifiable measurements.

We understand that each organization has their own unique talent requirements and that is why our assessments are carefully tailored for each client.

Cross Cultural Intelligence

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” –  Nelson Mandela


Working in a Cross-Cultural environment has many challenges.  But it does not have to be that way.  By equipping leaders and manager’s with Cross-Cultural Intelligence workplace interactions, communications and team effectiveness can improve drastically.  Our program is designed to help leaders develop action plan to improve their cross-cultural intelligence.

People Analytics

Want to make a positive impact towards your organization with HR data? Want to make a more informed decisions instead of hearsay? Want to be a strategic partner and advisor to your business?

Let us assist you with our People Analytics course. We coach our customers on how to get started with our People Analytics framework and in using data analysis and data science concepts. Our clients will experience the opportunity to apply these concepts to their real life scenarios.

Team Orientation

“We are the world’s biggest startup……. There is tremendous teamwork at the top of the company which filters down to tremendous teamwork throughout the company.” – Steve Jobs.

Our program is designed to foster relationships, builds trust and enhance collaboration among team members at all levels be it at the top, senior or middle management or frontline employees.