Thank you PMAT for giving Serendipity&Co the opportunity to share and learn with fellow HR leaders in Thailand on Next Level People Analytics: Visualize Collaboration in Future of Work.

In the future of work, “templosion” (The Future Hunters) is the norm where really big things happen in a really short spane of time.  To keep up with templosion, organizations must harness the power of human capital and social capital.  Social capital is “the competitive advantage that is created based on the way an individual is connected to others – group cohesion and brokerage” (Michael J. Arena).  Companies harnessing the power of both the social and human capital are twice as productive.

How can organizations look at their current state of social capital i.e. collaboration?  The answer is Organization Network Analysis (ONA).  ONA can help us visualize the degree of connections within teams and across teams.  ONA also called SNA or Social Network Analysis which can help organizations promote innovation, learning, knowledge sharing, change management and friendship.

Suvit Chansrichawla, next-generation HR consultant under the brand Serendipity&Co.